Elements and Icons in Graphic Maker

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Elements, Gifs, and Stickers in Graphic Maker

Elements can be found in five categories: Recents, Gifs, Stickers, Assets, and Shapes.

The "Recents" category contains elements that you have recently used. The particularly fun and engaging option is the ability to add animated GIFs and Stickers to your design. Supported by Giphy, the popular online library of animated GIFs, you can easily search for the perfect GIF or Sticker to enhance your graphic. 
Once you've added a GIF to your design, it will remain active and animated when you share your graphic with others via a link. 
Elements and Icons in Graphic Maker 1

The Assets category includes objects, animals, plants, and other graphics that can be added to your project, while the Shapes category contains elements that can be used to define spaces, add emphasis, or be layered to create new designs.

Additionally, a search bar is available to assist in finding specific elements

After choosing an element, a GIF, or a Sicker these options can be used to add shadow, crop, duplicate, reorder the layer, lock it, adjust opacity, and delete.
Elements and Icons in Graphic Maker 2

To add a shadow effect to your graphic element, you can utilize the shadow button. Simply click on the shadow button and then select the shadow color of your choice. To further customize the shadow, you can adjust the horizontal, vertical, and blur options. Play around with these settings to achieve the desired shadow effect for your graphic element.

Cropping items in your graphic designs is easy with the help of the crop button. Simply select the element you want to crop, and the crop overlay will appear with handles. Use these handles to resize the element and adjust its position to your liking. When you're satisfied with the adjustments, click the Apply button to save your changes

You can easily duplicate elements by clicking the plus icon. This will create an exact copy of the selected element, which can then be edited and repositioned as desired. This feature is especially useful for creating multiple versions of the same element

Reordering layers in your graphic design projects can be done with the use of the forward, front, backward, and back buttons. By selecting the layer you wish to move and then clicking the corresponding button, you can easily move the layer to the desired position. This allows for greater control and flexibility in your design process

You have the option to lock elements in place by clicking the lock icon. Once an element is locked, it cannot be moved or edited until the lock is removed. This feature is useful for ensuring that certain elements stay in place while allowing for the editing of other elements in the design

The opacity of elements in your graphic design project can be easily adjusted using the opacity adjustment bar. By sliding the bar to the left, you can decrease the opacity of the selected element, making it more transparent. Sliding it to the right increases the opacity, making the element more opaque

To delete an element or icon, simply click the delete button or use the delete key on your keyboard.

Icons in Graphic Maker

Icons are similar to elements, but they are more standardized and familiar symbols. 

They are used to convey ideas with commonly recognized symbols, such as download, attachment, social media, and folders. 

Elements and Icons in Graphic Maker 3

Icons can be duplicated, locked, adjusted for opacity, and layered as described above. 
Elements and Icons in Graphic Maker 4

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