Video Maker Tool: Editing your Project

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Adding and Editing Text

To add new text to your video project, simply click on the text holder and insert your desired text. Once added, you can adjust the text size on the left side of the interface. Depending on the needs of your scene, you can also reposition the text to the left or right.

Video Maker Tool; Editing your Project 1

Navigating the Timeline

At the bottom of the video maker editor, you'll find the timeline - a crucial feature for editing your video. The timeline offers several tools:

Bin: Use this to delete scenes

Duplicate Button: Easily duplicate scenes to fasten the workflow.

Music and Voiceover Layers: Manage audio elements effectively.

Video Maker Tool; Editing your Project 2

Within the timeline, you can control scene duration for flexible templates by dragging the project to the right or left. To rearrange scenes, simply drag and drop them into your desired order. Additionally, the timeline displays both the overall project duration and the duration of each individual scene, giving you a clear overview of your video's structure.

Managing Audio Layers

To edit the music and voiceover layers, start by clicking on the layer you want to modify to activate it.

Voiceover Layer

Removal: Click the bin button to delete the voiceover.

Volume Adjustment: Increase or decrease the volume as needed.
Video Maker Tool; Editing your Project 3

Music Layer

Removal: Use the bin button to delete the music track.

Volume Control: Adjust the volume to fit your project.

Trimming: An additional button allows you to trim the music to the desired length.

Video Maker Tool; Editing your Project 4

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