Video Maker Tool; Using the Edit Tab

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On the top of the video maker editor are the five main stages for making the video: edit, style, color, music, and preview. On the right, you can see the scene duration and video duration. Scene duration is the length of that specific part,  while video duration is about the whole project.

If you see the pencil icon on the right side, next to the scene duration, it means you may adjust the scene duration.
 Using the Edit Tab 1
With the use of plus and minus icons, you can increase or decrease the duration as needed.
The video maker tool allows for the customization of text elements in your video. You can add or delete text as needed and adjust the size using the provided slider. To add a personalized touch, select a font from the library or upload your own. The text position can also be adjusted to fit the scene, with options for placement on the left or right.

To upload a custom font, click the 'change font' button and then select the 'Upload' button. Using the Edit Tab 2

Once you click the 'Change Font' button, you will be redirected to the Style tab, where you can choose from a variety of preloaded font options or upload your own custom font. If you're interested in learning more about the My Colors and Fonts section in your My Account, don't miss the following article.

Using the Edit Tab 3

The plus (+) button allows for the addition of more scenes to the video. However, not all template packs offer the option for scene selection. If the add option is not present, it is likely that the chosen template has predefined scenes. 

Using the Edit Tab 4When you click on the plus (+) sign, a variety of options will appear, including characters, background animations, typography, and more.

With the help of a button located at the top of the screen, you can change the grid view to make it larger and easier to navigate through the scenes.

To find a relevant scene for your project, use the search bar to input specific keywords and filter through the available options.

To add footage, click on the "Stock Footage" icon after adding an image or video holder. You can search for footage in the stock library or upload your own media files.

If you have ideas for scenes that you do not find in the templates, you can submit your suggestion by scrolling down and clicking on the "Suggest a new scene" button. Our team will consider adding the requested scene in the future.

Using the Edit Tab 5

The three dots located in the bottom right corner of each scene provide access to the options of duplication, replacement, or removal. By clicking on them, you can duplicate the scene to create an exact copy, replace it with a different scene, or remove it completely.

Using the Edit Tab 6If the chosen video template has scene options, you can easily adjust the sequence by dragging and dropping scenes from the bottom editing bar.

Need help with the upcoming steps in your video-making process? Our informative article is here to assist you.

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