Introduction to My Account

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The "My Account" page can be accessed by clicking on the "View Profile" button located below your email address on the right-side dropdown of the platform. 
Introduction to My Account 1
The “General” section displays your personal information, including your name, email address, and unique account ID.
Introduction to My Account 2
Click the pencil button to upload your own avatar or select from our collection of cute characters.
Introduction to My Account 3
If you have a Business Plan with more than one seat, there is a sub-accounts or seats section where you can manage the settings of any sub-users associated with your account.

Introduction to My Account 4
In this section, you can reset your password by clicking the "Change Password" option. If you are unable to recall your current password, don't worry, simply click on "Forgot your password?" at the bottom to receive an email with instructions for recovery.

Introduction to My Account 5
You can also view the storage usage of your uploaded media files, including the amount of storage space available.

Access the corresponding information for the following sections by clicking on the words Subscriptions, Invoices, and Preferences to learn more about each topic.

My Projects

The "My Projects" section features individual files for each tool that hold a collection of related items, which are videos, websites, logos, mockups, designs, and domains. Simply click on the tool you want to check to be taken to a page displaying your completed or draft projects. Each project type, such as logos, is stored within its own respective section, and you can make edits, duplicates, downloads, or deletions from this page. Here, you can also rename projects, search for projects by name, and access the project ID number.

Introduction to My Account 6To change the name of a project, simply click on the existing name located above the project ID to access the editing option. Alternatively, the name can be changed by clicking the three dots on the right side and selecting the "Rename" option. To search for a specific project, enter the name or a keyword related to the project name in the search bar and the results will be displayed.

To create a duplicate of a project, click the three dots on the right side and select the "Duplicate" option. This will result in an exact copy of the project being created.

My Favorites and My Files

The "My Favorites" section takes you to a page where you can access all of the templates that you have saved to your favorites list. Currently, this feature only applies to video templates.

Introduction to My Account 7

The "My Files" section provides access to the media library, where all of the media that has been uploaded or created on the platform can be found. You have the option to create additional folders for organizational purposes.

Introduction to My Account 8
To create a new folder in the "My Files" section, click the "Add new folder" button, enter a name for the folder, and then click the green checkmark to confirm the creation of the folder.

The media files can be sorted based on the upload date or file type, such as images or videos. The dropdown options for filtering or searching within the "My Files" section are located at the top of the window, allowing for easy access and navigation of the media library. In the "My Files" window, there is quick access to your exported projects, which are securely stored on cloud storage. Note that as more files are uploaded, it will decrease available storage space.

My Colors and Fonts

The "My Colors & Fonts" section provides you with access to a range of color palettes and fonts. You have the ability to add your own palettes and fonts to use in your projects, streamlining the design process and ensuring a cohesive look. Should you wish to make changes later, it's always possible to delete, replace, or add new options.

Introduction to My Account 9
To add a new color to your palette, click the "Add" button. You can either use the color picker by clicking on it and selecting the desired color or insert a hex code. The upload button allows you to upload your custom fonts in either .otf or .ttf format. For further insights on the topic of fonts, check out our article here.

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