Style, Color and Music Tabs in the Video Editor

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Once you have finished editing the text, photos, or videos in your scenes, you will move on to the Styling stage. Depending on the template, there will be different options for transitions, animation styles, fonts, and more. Simply select the desired style to apply to your project.
Style, Color and Music Tabs 1
The Color section of the video maker tool allows for customization of the project's colors according to branding or personal preferences. You can select a ready-made color preset suggested by our designers or create a custom color palette using the color picker or by inserting a hex code. This feature allows for easy incorporation of specific colors into the project

Style, Color and Music Tabs 2

Next is the Music tab.

The music section of the tool includes a default music track that automatically loads in the music bar, the same track heard in the preview window. To change the current track, simply click on the "ex" button located on the right side of the interface. If you wish to add new music from the library, you can do so by clicking the green plus button.

All users have access to the Renderforest music library, which is regularly updated with new tracks and can be sorted by genre and mood. The "uploaded music" option allows you to access previously used tracks that are now saved in your account. To upload new music, click on "upload" and import from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Style, Color and Music Tabs 3

The voiceover feature in the video maker tool provides a variety of options for adding voiceovers to your project, including recording in the browser, uploading from your files, or using the text-to-speech option.
Style, Color and Music Tabs 4
By clicking the upload button, you will be presented with options to upload a voiceover for your project. You can choose to upload a file from your device or connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account to select a file from there.
To record a voiceover on the platform, simply click the record button. The duration of the recording can be set as either unlimited or per scene, giving you flexibility and control over the final product.

Style, Color and Music Tabs 5The text-to-speech option allows you to easily add a voiceover to your project by writing your script, selecting a male or female voice, choosing an accent, and adjusting the speed of the voice. Once you click the generate button, you can listen to the generated voiceover, rename the recording, or record a new one before saving it. To add the voiceover to your project, click the plus button.
Style, Color and Music Tabs 6
The tool also allows for control over the project's music and voiceover volumes, as well as the ability to select and trim specific parts of the voiceover timeline.
It is suggested to complete all video editing before adding the voiceover or text-to-speech, as it will give you more control and flexibility over the final result.

For guidance on the voiceover feature, please refer to our helpful article here.

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