Combining Renderforest Templates: Alternative Solutions

Modified on Wed, 26 Apr 2023 at 03:27 PM

Renderforest offers a wide variety of templates to help users create unique and engaging videos. However, you might find yourself wanting to combine elements from different templates into a single project. While merging templates directly isn't possible, there are alternative solutions to achieve a cohesive video. In this article, we'll explain why templates can't be combined and provide you with some workarounds to create your desired video.

Why can't templates be merged?

Each template on Renderforest is designed and developed individually, with every scene specifically crafted to fit the template's overall style and structure. Due to these unique designs, merging different templates directly within the platform is not possible.

Alternative Solution 1:

Use video-holder templates One solution to combine elements from different templates is to render each desired template individually and place them in a template that contains video-holders. These video-holder templates allow you to insert pre-rendered video clips, enabling you to create a cohesive project using multiple templates.

Alternative Solution 2: 

Merge exported videos using third-party video editors Another option is to render and export your desired templates as separate video files and then merge them using a third-party video editing software. This approach gives you more flexibility and control over the final output, as you can arrange the exported clips in any order and add transitions or additional elements as needed.

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