Handling Copyright Claims on YouTube for Renderforest Users

Modified on Fri, 24 Mar 2023 at 04:22 PM

As a Renderforest user, you have the freedom to create, purchase, and monetize videos on platforms like YouTube. You may occasionally encounter copyright claims, even when using a paid plan. This article will help you understand the copyright claims process and how to dispute them if necessary.

Using Renderforest Videos on YouTube

When you purchase a video from Renderforest, you can upload it to your YouTube channel and monetize it without any additional payment. If you encounter a copyright claim with a paid plan, it's likely from Renderforest's music composer (Blue Fox). In such cases, Renderforest will assist you in removing the claim within a few hours. You won't face any issues if you use your own music, and there will be no copyright claims on other social media platforms.

If you choose to replace the music in your Renderforest video with your own, you can use the video (in the case of free plans with a watermark) without any copyright issues.

Disputing Copyright Claims on YouTube

If you believe a copyright claim on your video is invalid, follow these steps to dispute it:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio
  2. From the left menu, click Content
  3. In the Restrictions column, videos with a claim will be labeled "Copyright claim"
  4. Hover over "Copyright claim" in the Restrictions column and click SEE DETAILS
  5. Click the Down arrow to expand the claim details
  6. Under the Content found during section, click the timestamp to play the segment claimed by Content ID

When disputing a copyright claim, you can include the invoice of your Renderforest purchase to demonstrate your rights to use the project. If the claim is deemed invalid, YouTube will remove it, allowing you to continue using and monetizing your video without issue.

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